Friday, 22 July 2011


Drunk and self-indulgent.

Tonight is here,
And it might not be the one we planned,
But it's tonight.

And tonight, I'll forgive you for looking funny at my girlfriend,
And for not getting me a beer from the fridge when it was blatantly your turn.
Because tonight is about us, and we, and how.

I'm not sure I agree with what you just said,
But to be honest,
I drifted off about five minutes ago.

We did the thing or we didn't.
We went there or we stayed here.
And I promise I'll remember all the things I said I'd post on your wall,
But I won't.
And it won't matter

Tonight is right
Yet tonight is so fucking wrong.
But tonight is what we do,
And tonight is who we are.
And it all makes sense

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