Monday, 28 March 2011

Ten Speed Poems: #6

Poems written in 10 minutes or less for The Poetry Takeaway.

Screen Printing (for the girls doing the Screen Printing, natch)

In ancient China, where the walls were great,
The Emperor sat bored upon his throne of state.
He eyed his surroundings, all dull and drab,
And wished that he could make his palace much more fab:
"I need a way to liven up these silken threads I wear!
I need some colour in my life, my joy I need to share!"
He took some ink and took some mesh, thinking "This is easy!"
(Though it took a little time to invent to cunning Squeegee)  
He toiled all day, experimenting, trying different tacks,
Until he had a T-shirt, reading FRANKIE SAYS RELAX. 

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