Wednesday, 9 February 2011


To make things hard for myself, I decided to impose two restrictions on this one - only using the vowel 'E', and sticking to the Haiku format. Thanks to Ali for providing one word and the names of the protagonists.

Scene: TV. Settee.
We see Trev, beset by stress.
He needs beer, needs weed.

Jenny eschews weed.
She needs TV. Endlessly.
Glee. Dry red. Perfect.

Trev rejects TV.
Even the BBC News
Repels Trev's peeved eye.

Jen eyes the TV,
Tends the stew, blends the jelly -
Jenny feeds Trev well.

Trev, dry, dejected,
Key green reserves depleted,
Necks the sleek green Becks.

Yet, he frets: Where's Drew?
Drew's key. Drew vends sweet weed, see?
He never fleeces.

Trev's eyes express nerves.
Even Jenny's well perplexed -
Her Trev's very vexed.

Enter Drew. Trev weeps.
Less testy, breezy even,
He renders the fee.

Drew sells the henry,
Then he shrewdly egresses -
He's needed elsewhere.

Even-keeled, Trev lets
Jenny, ever the server,
Help Trev perfect rest.

She feeds Trev the weed.
Pesky stress levels recede
Serene Lethe seen.

Elves, sweet elves he sees,
Breezy trees teem, green-sheened,
The sphere seems serene.

Nepenthe he seeks -
Jen's gentle neck nestles cheek -
Then:  Shhh! Trev, meet sleep.

Jen pets Trev's tresses,
Wryly, even tenderly,
Then wrecks the jelly.

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  1. After reading the disclaimer, I wasn't sure how you'd manage it, but you did! This is insanely cool. In your case, restriction equals power.