Thursday, 9 September 2010

On God's Time

To Laurence and John, lovely blokes the pair.

I stared up at the clock on the tower of St Saviour.
I hadn't really noticed this church before, but
Even though it was ten to seven,
The clock said five to four.
And I wondered about an omnipotent god who couldn't wind his own watch, and
Was always late to brunch.
I thought that maybe God deliberately set the clock to a different timezone, so
Whenever he was in Norwich, He'd know what time it was in Suriname.
I wondered if He had different churches all round Norwich,
Showing the times around the world,
Like they do in the White House, and
Whether He had a team of wise-cracking advisors like Martin Sheen.
And then I wondered why I was wondering, because
I don't believe in God.
And then I realised,
I was probably the massive spliff that UNNAMED FOR LEGAL REASONS and I just smoked.

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